Jul 26, 2011 / 1 note

And now outside you see the wave in her eyes

Last night, I exploded…I cried and told someone off.

1)I couldn’t take it anymore, some people should just stop being such an attention seeking whore

2)Some people should just accept the fact that not everyone WANTS to be like them

3)Some people are just so full of themselves…AND FOR HEAVENS SAKE stop thinking everyone is following you etc 


5)I repeat IT does not revolve the fuck around you

6)I don’t feel the need to tell the whole fucking world about such stuffs like you do so that doesn’t make you any greater

7)Sorry if I don’t feel the need to make such a bloody statement to show people that i’m so fucking cool

Whoa excuse my sudden teenage angst. It was such a bad bad scenario that I’d never want to experience such situations ever again.

I was so mad and sad.

Sorry lovely followers, I hope I didn’t scare you x

  1. belleyusuf said: EXPLAIN TO ME TOMORROW!!!!!!!
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